Our Five Favorite Gluten Free Spots in Baltimore

Eliminating gluten is one of the biggest diet trends this decade. While there are a few reasons why someone would eliminate gluten, one thing is for sure – you shouldn’t be missing out on some of the best spots to eat in Baltimore. We all have that one friend who is as averse to gluten as we are to skipping happy hour on a Friday (it’s just unacceptable!). So without further ado, we present our favorite spots to enjoy our favorite spots in Baltimore that do things gluten free – and exceptionally well.

Here are our favorite places to get some gluten free grub. Did we forget your favorite spot? Drop us a line on Facebook or Instagram and we will be sure to check it out!

  1. Points South Latin Kitchen – Everything coming out of this kitchen is 100% gluten free. That’s right, some of the best South American food is not only in Fells Point and delicious, it’s also sans gluten. Let’s talk empanadas – a traditional South American food, they’re made with yucca. Brilliant, and delicious; and our go to gluten free spot.

  2. Verde – Pizza without gluten seems like a disaster, right? That’s how we approached these thin crust Neapolitan pies. While we both hate to be wrong, it’s refreshing that we were, the pizza was outstanding. Verde isn’t a gluten free establishment so all you need to do is request the gluten free crust and your dining companions don’t need to feel shafted if they’re really really obsessed with not being accommodating.

  3. Polenta Café – This Hampden spot opened quietly earlier in the year and we love it. Not for the gluten free options but because it is just downright phenomenal. Polenta is not only delicious, but it’s naturally gluten free and unsurprisingly, the main ingredient on many of the dishes here. Everything is packed with flavor, just how authentic Italian food should be.

  4. Harmony Bakery – The most common thing we hear from our gluten free friends – I miss pastries. Well, safe to say with Harmony Bakery making delicious cupcakes, doughnuts, and more – there’s little to miss. Everything is completely gluten free and there are plenty of vegan options as well. Go for the doughnuts, you’ll thank us.

  5. Sweet 27 - In Charles Village, Sweet 27 is serving up a plethora of gluten free options. There are tacos, burgers, and basically anything you could ever want with global influences. The duck tacos are a must-try and the mango salsa is a home run. Sweet 27 also has some delicious gluten free cupcakes that will really make your taste buds sing.

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